November 9, 2008

President-elect Obama made a poorly-worded statement equating Nancy Reagan with woo woo such as seances and speaking with the dead:

When a reporter asked Obama if he had spoken with any ex-presidents since his election on Tuesday, he responded that he had spoken to all former presidents “that are living.”

“I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances,” he said.

The reason it was poorly worded is that Nancy Reagan didn’t do seances, she used an astrologer to “help” her husband with guidance in his presidency.

While P-e Obama was trying to make a joke, which admittedly was poorly-timed and only marginally funny, I see no reason for him to apologize: astrology is 100% bunk, doesn’t work in any demonstrable, repeatable way, and has absolutely zero basis in reality.

His glib remark, a gentle chastization for Mrs. Reagan employing such ridiculousness (whether he meant it that way or not), is hopefully a sign of his firm grounding in the real world.

While some may balk and cry, “How insensitive!”, one doesn’t need to be a seer to predict skeptics of all likes met this statement with a fist pump and a, “Hell yeah.”


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