Happy New Year, Etc.

January 2, 2009

I hope you enjoyed your extra second of 2008, though personally I couldn’t wait until that jerkwater disappointment of a year was off the calendar for good.

Now we can look forward to the inauguration of a hopefully pro-science, pro-reality president that has the ability to bring our country honestly and actually into the 21st Century.

I’m very optimistic about the coming year:

Firstly, I’m excited that 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, as declared by the IAU, the IPS, UNESCO, and a handful of other important and noteworthy organizations. It’s the anniversary of a couple of pretty important events, not just in astronomy, but modern science as a whole, and planetaria, science centers, museums, astronomy clubs and the like, are celebrating with expanded programming meant to bring the cosmos home.

Unfortunately, the Blank Blank Planetarium hasn’t planned any extra programming, primarily because of monetary limitations, but if we get lucky and find some nice people willing to donate a significant chunk of grant money (and things are looking positive, but you really never can tell when it comes to grants), hopefully we can put together a pretty significant theater rehab that will definitely bring us up to industry standard, and maybe even a little ahead of the curve.

More details on that as they emerge.

On the personal front, my wife is pregnant, and just yesterday we (joyfully) learned that it’s another girl, continuing a tradition my maternal grandparents started (two girls: my mom and my aunt), and my aunt and uncle continued (two girls: my teenage cousins).

(I’m definitely going to have to do something to bring up the testosterone level in the house…)

Just before Xmas, my wife was laid off from her job, and there was much consternation.

Yesterday, my wife scored another job, and there was much rejoicing.

In a mixture of my personal and professional lives, I have some plans brewing that I’m positively atwitter over, and will continue to refine as they develop. One of them is a sort of harebrained idea for an industry-related social experiment that could either be really, really interesting, or fall flat without so much as a whimper. We’ll see.

As far as Bearable Skyglow is concerned, my hope is to continue to shape it into a non-traditional aerospace/media/museum blog. Remember, I Am Not An Astronomer™; if you want news about what’s happening in the night sky, there’s dozens of spots on the intartoobs that can give you the skinny better than I could ever manage (there’s a trio of them on the sidebar to the right–check them out and bookmark their RSSes, right now).

I will continue my dispatches of eclectic calendar and aerospace science factoids, and give more inside looks into the planetarium industry and non-profit museum life.

In the meantime, if you can, when you can, support your local planetarium and science center! If there’s ever a time when these kinds of not-for-profit instutitions need loyal and interested visitors, it’s now.

Happy New Year.


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